Program MyVinci

The MyVinci Programme was developed with respect to the newest findings of modern educational research centres. In the MyVinci Preschool children learn about everything that happens around us, they observe, experiment and learn-by-playing.
At the MyVinci School our pupils spend most classes on researches and experiments. During all activities the children communicate with the teacher - a Native Speaker - and learn foreign languages. The children play and get familiar with English, Spanish, Russian, German - and of course - Polish.
The school programme is based on the Polish Educational Programme and takes a lot of inspiration from the British National Curriculum.

Basic principles of the MyVinci programme

individual approach, individual profile of the child's development

classes in our Czerska location mainly in English

Science, Maths, Art and Music

learning languages by immersion

motor and music stimulation plus motor ergonomics

basics of Computer programming



MyVinci Preschool - Multilingual Preschool:

Eko Park Residual Area, Biały Kamień Street 7, 02 - 593 Warsaw
(+48) 786-890-047
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MyVinci Preschool - English Preschool:

Czerska Street 14, 00 - 732 Warsaw
(+48) 533-334-541
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We're registered in the Warsaw Registry of Schools and Private Educational Facilities at No. 117/PPN and 177/PPN.